The Mega

The Mega

The Mega refers to the integration weekend for the newly admitted students to the École normale supérieure. Each year, it takes place in a different place (Dijon, Bordeaux, Tours, Metz, Brest, Nantes, etc.). On the agenda: sports activities, paper chase, picnics, and, of course, dance evenings!

During this integration weekend, the most curious ones can discover the strangest places (monuments, cellars, restaurants), while the most active ones can organise activities (paper chase, presentation of the COF clubs) and the most ardent revellers can wriggle their hips all night long on boisterous rhythms.

But where does this strange name, Mega, come from? Historically, newly admitted students were invited to prostrate before a fossilised Megatherium, kept in the Humanities Library. Since then, the fossil has been removed, but the Mega event went on. Now, it is even a major event of the academic year for the conscrits!


Mis à jour le 4/5/2017