Management team

l'équipe de direction

The Management team of the ENS has the mission to design and implement the scientific and educational policy of the Ecole normale supérieure. They submit their proposals to the Scientific Advisory Board, which gives an opinion, and the Administrative Advisory Board, which validates the strategic guidelines and budgetary choices. The Management team sets up some consensus and decision-making structures, in order to promote discussion and consensus within the institution. The Management team ensures the preservation of the ENS’ identity and its level of excellence. They take great car of the development and influence of the ENS both on a national and international level.

The Director is appointed, by decree of the President of the French Republic, for a five-year term, immediately renewable once. He leads and coordinates the considerations for the definition of the general policy of the institution. He represents the ENS in France and abroad, and negotiates partnerships. He appoints the jury members for the competitive examinations. Since 2012 Marc Mézard leads the Ecole normale supérieure (Marc Mézard's website).

The Deputy Director for Humanities and Social sciences and the Deputy Director for Sciences are appointed by the Director of the ENS, for a three-year term. They assist the Director in defining the general policy of the ENS. They are competent in their respective disciplinary fields, within the framework of which they coordinate the activities of the departments and laboratories.

They suggest to the Director the arbitration about the means allocated to the departments. They oversee the execution of the normaliens’ selection and their study paths, while relying on the Directors of Studies.

Since 2014 Yves Laszlo is the Deputy Director for Sciences.

Since the 1st of September 2015, Frédéric Worms is the Deputy Director for Humanities and Social sciences.

Under the Director’s authority, the Director General of Services leads the support mission for training and research, and oversees the functioning and coordination of the institution’s administrative, financial and technical services.

Since 2015 Laurence Corvellec is the Director General of Services.


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