NeuralNet 2018

Understanding neural networks : from dynamics to functions

The functions of the nervous system are emerging properties of complex networks combining millions of neurons; the knowledge of the behavior of individual neurons cannot suffice to understand these emerging properties; it is therefore necessary to access the collective behaviors of neuron assemblies to understand their function.

The goal of this meeting is, according to the aims of the GDR NeuralNet, and in the framework of the Labex Memolife, to bring together neuroscientists from various horizons but involved in understanding the dynamics of neuronal networks.


Suliann Ben Hamed (ISC, Lyon)     
Cyril Herry (Neurocampus, Bordeaux)
Francesca Cacucci (UCL, London)     
Sonja Hofer (UCL, London)
Marco Dal Maschio (UNIPD, Padova; MPIN, Munich)     
Thomas Klausberger (MedUni Wien)
Georges Debregeas (UPMC, Paris)     
Gilles Laurent (MPI Frankfurt)
Stéphane Dieudonné (ENS, Paris)     
Christian Machens (Champalimaud, Lisbon)
Valentina Emiliani (IDV, Paris)     
Olivier Marre (IDV, Paris)
Michael Halassa (MIT, Cambridge, MA)     
Matt Nolan (U Edimburgh)
Guillaume Hennequin (Cambridge, UK)     
 Lisa Roux (Neurocampus, Bordeaux)

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