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École normale supérieure
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Facts and Figures


La communauté étudiante

The École Normale Supérieure enrolls more than 2,700 students at its three Parisian centers, in addition to 650 doctoral candidates. Some 250 of these students are in the last year of undergraduate studies, and nearly 2,100 are enrolled in graduate studies.
More than 300 international students from over 46 countries are enrolled in graduate studies: while they are for the most part European, many also come from the U.S. and China.
The ENS offers 44 master’s programs, conducted jointly with the Paris universities, and 30 doctoral programs, many co-accredited or in partnership with other institutions.
Seventeen modern languages are taught, some of which are traditionally under-represented like Japanese, Swedish, Polish, Hindi, Turkish and Persian.
Former ENS students constitute a network of some 11,304 individuals.

Faculty and Staff

The ENS maintains a number of partnerships with universities and research centers. Attracted by its highly-esteemed research centers, numerous researchers (CNRS, INSERM, INRIA, INRA) and scholars work at the ENS.
Nearly 800 faculty members (professors, associate professors and researchers at the ENS, CNRS and assimilated programs), in addition to the 200 foreign faculty (professor-researchers and post docs), contribute to the ENS’s vibrant scientific and academic life.
The 370 administrative and technological staff work in the ENS departments, laboratories, central services and libraries.
Among the 380 professor-researchers at the ENS, there are U.S. university professors, directors and associate directors of laboratories, and 60 associate professors. More than 200 assistant professors, mostly academics or teachers at other establishments, also contribute to the ENS.


At the heart of its 15 humanities and sciences departments, the École normale supérieure boasts 36 research units recognized by the CNRS, INSERM or INRA and more than 100 research teams.
Its laboratories welcome more than 300 international researchers and train approximately 650 doctoral students, 400 in the sciences and 250 in the humanities and social sciences. Eighty post-doctoral fellows, hired through a research project, pursue their activities at the École Normale Supérieure.
Each year the ENS invites hundreds of distinguished visiting faculty and researchers for a period of one to six months, to teach and give lectures and seminars.
In 2006, more than 1,000 publications by ENS researchers in experimental sciences, mathematics and Computer Science appeared in renowned scientific reviews.

Fields of Knowledge

Les savoirs More than 850,000 volumes, the majority of which are freely accessible, make up the twelve ENS libraries. Two thousand hours of recorded conferences and colloquia are available for consultation online at the ENS website (Multimedia Resources).
More than 200 works are edited each year by the Éditions Rue d’Ulm.


The estate holdings of the École normale supérieure include 110,000 square meters of property, spread over the campuses on the Montagne Sainte-Genevieve, boulevard Jourdan, Montrouge and in Fontainebleau, where it exercises its pedagogical and research missions. Thanks to its capacities for housing (nearly 600 rooms), dining (two restaurants and a cafeteria), its spaces dedicated to leisure, cultural and sporting activities and its urban gardens, the ENS offers its community a rich and dynamic campus life.

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