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The ENS and the Business Community : New Perspectives

The École normale supérieure values its relationships with the business world and endeavors to strengthen these ties through a variety of initiatives.

Taxe d’apprentissage

Through the allocation of their "taxe d’apprentissage" to the École normale supérieure, companies become privileged partners in the instruction and research conducted by outstanding ENS students, a significant number of whom will go on to executive roles in private industry. This contribution is directly invested in the equipment and services necessary to guarantee the advancement in the quality of ENS training and research.

Business Professorships

In the wake of the already successful creation of three business professorships (France Telecom, EADS at the Department of Computer Science, ENS-Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Chair), the ENS actively seeks to develop similar partnerships that result in important research funding.

Research Grants

Research grants sponsor the work of young researchers who wish to write their dissertations on topics of particular interest to the business community.

Research Contracts

Several ENS laboratories closely collaborate with companies in the field of advanced technology such as computer security and organic chemistry.


Businesses can directly benefit from the brilliant minds of our future global leaders by recruiting ENS students to work as interns.

Transfer of knowledge

The ENS Institute works to extend the international influence and renown of the École normale supérieure.

Continuing education

Conceived with the ENS Institute, continuing education services allow companies to benefit from ENS expertise in numerous fields of research and to organize conferences for their business partners and colleagues based on their strategic needs.

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