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Doctoral courses

Doctoral courses at the ENS are a major point of the formation to and by research. Its role is essential for the International radiance spread in many disciplinary and transdisciplinary fields.
The doctoral students are not only given a very good supervision in the ENS’ laboratories and Departments, but also complementary adapted seminars and free access to lessons and libraries.
Doctoral students’ work is essential in laboratories scientific production and research teams: thus, the doctoral courses attractiveness is one of the ENS’ priorities.

A doctorate implies many stakeholders:

  • The thesis supervisor, who defines, guides and advises the doctoral student.
  • The welcome team, in charge of the thesis ‘scientific orientation.
  • The Head of laboratory who welcomes the doctoral students in his walls.
  • The doctoral School, whose mission is to make sure of the supervision quality and help the doctorate’s progress (especially in establishing adapted recruiting process, in coordinating welcome teams and in developing a proper scientific policy), to provide a complementary education, to prepare the professional integration, and to follow up the thesis and job opportunities for the PhD.
  • The ENS who defines the major development axis of the scientific policy, accentuating transdisciplinarity, and, administratively, permitting the doctoral student‘s registration.

About 700 doctoral and post-doctoral students are hosted in the ENS laboratories and research teams.
30 doctoral schools are linked to the ENS and cover up all the knowledge fields.
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