Global Paris par Delia Ungureanu et David Damrosch

Conférences de littérature

Conférences de littérature : Global Paris par Delia Ungureanu et David Damrosch (Université d’Harvard, Institute for World Literature)

Vendredi 19 janvier 2018
12h-14h, salle Beckett, 45 rue d'Ulm, 75005 Paris

Le Monde au temps des surréalistes - Delia Ungureanu
Born as an anti-nationalist, anti-imperialist and international movement in literature and the arts, surrealism conquered the world through very unexpected and circuitous routes. Thanks to archival discoveries made in the Houghton and Widener Libraries at Harvard, I trace the hidden story of the world circulation of surrealist ideas through three major world writers who always denied any debt to surrealism: Jorge Luis Borges, Vladimir Nabokov, and Orhan Pamuk.

Littérature-monde in the Jardin des Plantes - David Damrosch
World literature is often thought of as extending across an expansive landscape far beyond the boundaries of any nation or even region, but this is only half the story. Even the most worldly works are usually composed within concrete local and national contexts, and so the world exists within the nation as much as the nation within the world. As a case in point, this talk will consider how a pivotal work of world literature, Julio Cortázar’s story “Axolotl,” emerged in a very particular time and place: in the 5ème Arrondissement, in the spring of 1951, in an exhibition hall of the Jardin des Plantes.

Les conférences seront données en anglais.


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