Master's programs

masters à l'ENS

Thanks to the cooperation between the ENS research center and numerous partner universities, many different master’s programs are offered on a wide range of topics at the ENS.

The ENS master’s programs are two-year programs (M1, M2) with periods of courses and advanced seminars, and periods of research in France and/or abroad.

Just like the PHD programs, the master’s programs are part of a PSL global offer, and will eventually result in “PSL Master’s diplomas prepared at the ENS“ by the year 2019. The different programs are sorted by options, and are mostly organized according to combined specialities. Apart from the master’s programs dedicated to research, some master’s programs in Letters prepare for the “agrégation“ during the second year of the program.

The students enrolled in these master’s programs are either ENS students preparing for their ENS diploma, or master’s students selected by the jury of the master’s program. 

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Mis à jour le 10/5/2017