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École normale supérieure
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Living environment

The École normale supérieure offers students more than just a place to study, but provides them with a true university campus. At the ENS, living and learning are intimately connected. As the only residential campus in Paris, the ENS differs from other academic institutions. Residents not only benefit from direct proximity to their departments and laboratories, but also establish an intimate intellectual community and establish life-long friendships. In addition to the vast central campus located in the heart of the Quartier Latin, the École Normale Supérieure boasts two other campuses - Jourdan, near Parc Montsouris, and Montrouge in the nearby suburbs. Each site has its own accommodations. The campuses also provide several restaurants, cozy cafes and many other student facilities: computing suites, television rooms, music and dance studios, a multi-functional cinema (the former Cinémathèque de Paris), a tennis court, and a gym.

Campus life is punctuated by numerous cultural, artistic and sporting activities organized by the ENS or by student associations.


It is impossible to talk about the ENS campuses without mentioning the remarkable and cosmopolitan city where they are located. Paris’s impressive scientific, intellectual and cultural heritage makes the city itself a living classroom. Literally every street — from the cobble-stoned and wending paths of Montmartre to the tree-lined grands boulevards, and from the lively market stalls in Belleville to the Grand Arch of the Defense — speaks eloquently of the city’s unique heritage and its even more singular present.
Paris is also an especially vibrant city for the arts and sciences. Innumerable museums, experimental and avant-garde theaters, classical and contemporary music venues, cinemas, cafes, bistros and restaurants offer limitless possibilities for students to explore new horizons and embark on the stimulating and creative adventure of living in one of the world’s greatest cities.

ENS campuses: Rue d’Ulm, Jourdan and Montrouge

Rue d’Ulm Campus - in the heart of the Quartier Latin

29, 45, 46, rue d’Ulm ; 24, rue Lhomond Paris Ve 
Down the gently sloping hill of the Montagne Saint-Genevieve with the domed roof of the Pantheon providing an impressive backdrop, the main ENS campus is the center of a vibrant academic community, composed of an exceptional student body and a distinguished faculty of international scholars and researchers.
The historic building (1847) and hub of intellectual activity at 45 rue d’Ulm houses the principal humanities departments (philosophy, literature, languages, history, and classics), as well as the mathematics and computing departments. Organized following the cloister model, the large square courtyard serves as an unofficial meeting place for students and faculty between classes and offers the perfect environment for coffee and a chat.
Another magnet of the rue d’Ulm campus is undoubtedly the immense and rich collections of the main open-stack humanities library and the recently-enlarged mathematics library. The historic grande salle of "the Library" (classified as a historical monument) and additional rooms house and ever-expanding collection of 500,000 volumes and 800 periodicals and provide students and researchers with the environment and resources necessary for nourishing intellectual curiosity and supporting independent and inter-disciplinary research.
Residents of the campus’s 400 student rooms may also choose to study in one of the nearby campus gardens, which provide precious green space in the heart of the city in which to write and to reflect.

 Jourdan Campus

48, boulevard Jourdan, Paris XIVe
The Jourdan campus houses the departments of geography and social sciences, as well as the Paris School of Economics, a breeding ground for brilliant researchers.
Located next to the Parc Montsouris and the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris, the campus is ideally situated between two of the loveliest green spaces in the city. Residents of the campus’s 100 student rooms can join early morning joggers for a jaunt around the Parc Montsouris’ tranquil pond or they can sit at the outdoor cafe of the Cité Universitaire in the company of students from the city’s other academic institutions.

Montrouge Campus

1, rue Maurice Arnoux, Montrouge
Located in a suburb of Paris and not far from the Jourdan campus, the Montrouge campus is home to many scientific and humanities research groups and is also shared with the Université René Descartes. The Montrouge campus has 70 dorm rooms.


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