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École normale supérieure
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Recruitments based upon written application

The “normalien étudiant”, are recruited directly by a specific department (see list below). The applicant generally chooses the department corresponding to the major field/discipline of his/her initial training. The applicant must choose between a maximum of two departments.

All normaliens, whether students ("normaliens étudiants"), trainee civil servants ("normaliens élèves") or students recruited through the "International selection" scheme, are offered access to the same training program (the ENS diploma). All normaliens also benefit from individual tutoring during their training at ENS.

ENS provides the same accomodation opportunities to all normaliens. The allocation of rooms at ENS is managed by the students community (the so-called "thurnage"). The three accomodation sites in Paris are presented on the Campus page.

How to become a normalien étudiant

Application process

Admission results

For more information, please contact the schooling office

Address :
45, rue d’Ulm 75230 Paris cedex 05
Tél. +33 1 44 32 31 08
Fax +33 1 44 32 38 37

Diplôme de l'ENS

Academic programs

The academic program at ENS (the ENS diploma) is three-year long. It corresponds to an enhanced Master-degree program focussing strongly on research. The ENS diploma requires that the normalien student - who has already obtained 120 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) during his/her initial training-, completes a Licence degree (i.e. a Bachelor) and a Master degree in three-year time at ENS.
The ENS diploma graduation requires to validate an additional 72 ECTS spread over all three years of training at ENS. These 72 ECTS are obtained by validating courses taken within the Master’s main field and in other disciplinary areas. The entire teaching program is customized with the help of the student’s tutor ("tuteur") and the academic director of the department ("directeur des études"). The normalien student can get extra-specialization in a secondary field ("secondary specialty"). In that case, this extra specialization is mentioned on the ENS diplma if a specific proportion of ECTS is obtained in field of study different from the main one.
Students have also the opportunity to obtain ECTS via active participation in research seminars, research internships, personal work, or even teaching and tutoring activities.
The ENS diploma mentions the main field ("spécialité") and if applicable, the secondary field ("spécialité secondaire").
Registration for ENS diploma is mandatory for all ENS students.


Students depend from one of the 15 departments to which their main discipline belongs to :


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