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> NEWS > Spotlight > Archives > 2009 > Serge Haroche, Médaille d’or 2009 du CNRS

Serge Haroche, CNRS 2009 Gold Medal

Serge Haroche, physicist and explorer of the quantum world, leads the Electrodynamics of Simple Systems group at the ENS Kastler Brossel Laboratory.

Professor at the Collège de France since 2001 and a specialist in atomic physics and quantum optics, he is one of the founders of cavity quantum electrodynamics, a field that uses simple conceptual experiments to shed light on the fundamentals of quantum theory and to develop prototype quantum information processing systems.

The medal was awarded in recognition of the research of Serge Haroche and his team, who were motivated by pure curiosity and the need to understand the microscopic quantum processes of matter-light interaction. In order to realize the experiments illustrating this process, the ENS group had to control very complex experimental methods; this continuous effort and progress was made possible by the regular support of in the form of materials and financial means, and the contribution of generations of exceptional doctoral and post-doctoral work.

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