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Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences

In the humanities, academic programs and research are structured among 7 departments and 12 research centers. Approximately 250 doctoral students work in these departments and laboratories.

The intellectual influence of their research, disseminated through seminars, workshops, colloquia, collective publications, exchanges and international programs, are considerable. Both the humanities and social sciences departments have conducted and continue to organize prestigious seminars and historic colloquia.

Courses in the Humanities 2016-2017 (PDF)

Centers of Research Interests

Ancient Studies: Literature, Archeology, Philosophy, History

Archaeology and the Science of texts :

  • Archaeology of Orient;
  • Archaeology of Occident: Celtic world, Etruscan and Italic civilizations and provincial aspects of the Roman world;
  • Ancient Decor and Constructions: mosaics, murals, building/construction archaeology;
  • Science of ancient texts: ancient theater; Indo-European languages; Greek philosophy and its extension into the Arab world.


Philosophy, Literature and Science: New Synergies

  • Husserl archives
  • Institut Jean-Nicod (in association with EHESS)
  • Centre Léon-Robin
  • Institute of the History and Philosophy of Sciences and Technology (in association with University Paris 1)
  • Literature and languages: ITEM, groupe Fabula, Équipe Celan.
  • République des savoirs (ENS/CNRS/Collège de France) — USR 3608


History of the Medieval, Modern and Contemporary Worlds

In collaboration with the Institute for Modern and Contemporary History (IHMC), the Research Workshop on Intermediality (connections between the arts), the stage arts (ARIAS) and the history of education service:

  • The Mediterranean borders from Antiquity to the 19th century: Italy, Iberian Peninsula, Greece, Turkey, Syria, Egypt;
  • The State at the end of the Middle Ages: man, power, institutions and finance;
  • 20th Century Russia and Central and Eastern Europe;
  • Medieval, Modern and Contemporary Economic History;
  • Sociability and Politicization during the Modern and Contemporary Eras (Social, Political and Cultural History of the 19th and 20th Centuries);
  • Relationships between the Sciences and the Arts;
  • Book History and Print Culture;
  • Representations of the body.


Sciences of Contemporary Societies: Sociology, Economics, Political Science, Law, Geography

  • Social Ethnography and Political Sociology;
  • New research in macroeconomics: Analyses of International Financial Crises and Analysis of the Employment Rate;
  • Comparative Law and Legal History (with the École Nationale des Chartes);
  • Interactions between Environmental Changes and Territorial Dynamics.



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